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Background To The Practice

Monkspath Surgery was founded by Dr Stan Darling in 1985 and the current surgery was built in 1987. The patient list size is approximately 12,000. The practice has taken on a significant role in medical student training since 1995.

Monkspath Surgery is one of the practices in the Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group.

Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been authorised to lead the local NHS by commissioning (buying and monitoring) high quality healthcare services for the people of Solihull.


Change In Booking Of Appointments

Finding an appointments system that works for all our patients is our aim. Our ability to provide both acute and routine appointments within an acceptable time frame has, in recent months, proven to be difficult. Although our list size hasn’t increased over the last 10 years and our clinician base number has remained stable our patients need to be seen more often. We have researched appointments systems in surgeries throughout the country and there is no standard model for us to adopt that has proved to be more effective than any another.

Our Clinical Assessment or Triage service works well and ensures that any patient with an acute/urgent need will be contacted by a doctor or a nurse the same day and seen on that day if a clinician deems it necessary. It is our routine appointments that are stretched to the limit. We have a high number of DNA’s (patients who do not attend a booked appointment) and we believe that in part this is because patient’s can book so far ahead and then forget the appointment or don’t need the appointment but don’t cancel it.

From July 27th 2015 until August 31st 2015 we will gradually reduce the period of time that patients can book ahead for routine appointments and by September 1st 2015 routine appointments will be bookable no more than 2 weeks ahead. This will be trialed until December 1st 2015 and carefully monitored throughout the 3 month period.

When you collect your prescription please check to see if you need a review before your next lot of medicines are due. Medication reviews can be carried out by our nurse practitioner Lisa Beauchamp so please tell the receptionist if your appointment is for a review.

I hope that you will support us on this trial and please feel free to feedback any issues you come across or if you have any suggestions that will help us improve. We have an active PPG (patient participation group) who would be keen for more of our patients to join. We have leaflets in the waiting room with contact details.

Prescription Drug Update

Some types of drug e.g Tramadol have been re-classified by the Home Office to Controlled Drugs. This means these drugs will no longer be available on a patient’s repeat prescription and will need to be requested each time. All Controlled Drug prescriptions will need to be signed for when collected at reception.

Due to this classification change prescriptions for these drugs are only valid for 28days.

CARE.DATA (England)

How information about you helps us to provide better care

Confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to improve the services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.

You have a choice.

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Our patient Participation Report 2014-15 is now available.

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Drs Green, Lupoli, Stokes, Dickinson, Russell, Rowe, Alam, Hillman & Ali

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Food Diary

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Violence And Aggression

The practice operates a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of verbal or physical aggression.
Breaches of this policy will result in instant removal from the practice list.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) is installed at the practice premises for the purposes of staff, patient and premises security. Cameras are located at various places on the premises, and images from the cameras are recorded. The use of CCTV falls within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998.


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